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We believe people deserve the best financial advice they can get to help them live a full and happy life. We also know that in an increasingly noisy world, it’s hard to differentiate yourself and build trust.

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The right content, copy, and messaging will help you break through the noise, connect with future clients, and deepen relationships with existing ones.

It can even increase your referrals and help you position yourself as an authority.

Yes, it’s that good.


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Our marketing takes a data-driven approach to share engaging information that converts a prospect into a client.

Meet Your Marketers

Erica Gellerman

Founder/Chief Content Officer

Erica is an experienced marketing professional who began her career in financial services. After working as a CPA for PwC, she earned her MBA from Duke University and transitioned to a career in marketing with P&G. After leaving the world of big business, she’s enjoyed helping solo-practitioners and small businesses craft the right messaging and compelling content that builds the foundation of trust and expertise in their business.

When not working, Erica spends her time exploring the world and running her own personal financial site, The Worth Project, which publishes a weekly curated newsletter about money to a highly engaged audience.

Jordan Fromholz

Founder/Chief Technology Officer

Jordan is an engineer turned marketing professional. He started his career as a professional engineer managing multi-billion dollar projects. He earned his MBA from Duke University and took his analytical brain to dive into marketing data. He helps keep all projects focused on collecting valuable insights to improve connecting with clients and prospects for you.

Outside of work, he’s an outdoor enthusiast who enjoys hiking up every mountain he can see. He also dreams of spending one winter as a ski bum… but that’s for another conversation. 

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Fiercly independent RIAs and CPA/PFSs.

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The Worth Project Consulting

A boutique marketing, copywriting, and content marketing company. We work with independent RIAs and CPA/PFSs to create expertly crafted content to build trust and differentiate. Connecting you with clients.

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