Make your marketing a priority.

We certainly will.

What We Do

We believe that people deserve the best financial advice they can get to help them live a full and happy life. That is why our mission is to help RIAs and CPA/PFSs create content marketing and messaging strategies that connects with clients.

Marketing Plans

The blueprint to your marketing success.

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Content Marketing

Meaningfully connect with clients again and again.

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Make your message clear, everywhere it’s written.

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Expertise in Financial Services

Your clients trust your expertise — don’t trust your marketing to someone who won’t continue to build that trust. We work exclusively in personal finance to create custom copy and content marketing to help develop deep and lasting relationships with clients.

Marketing expertise grounded by a CPA and Professional Engineer (aka, we nerd-out on data). Our holistic content marketing measures what’s working, what isn’t, and improves to maximize trust and grow your business. 

That’s how we do content marketing.


For Your Needs

We create solutions for whatever your marketing needs.

Our service packages can include:


Marketing Plans (Strategy)

The blueprint to your marketing success.

  1. You’ll receive:
    • A full marketing analysis
    • Messaging analysis
    • Ideal client profiles
    • SEO research
    • 6-month customized plan broken down by month and by priority

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content marketing

Meaningfully connect with clients again and again.

The content marketing package includes:

  • 6-month content marketing calendar
  • Project management
  • Content creation
  • Content amplification (to your social channels)
  • Monthly report and analytics
  • Monthly review meeting

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Make your message clear, everywhere it’s written.

Think about the email newsletter you are excited to read. The website that makes you stop scrolling and read every word. The LinkedIn profile that makes you think, “I get you.” We do that.

The 2 ways we do copywriting services: Single Writing Projects and Monthly Copywriting Packages

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Build trust and reach the clients you care about.

The right content, copy, and messaging will help you break through the noise, connect with future clients, and deepen relationships with existing ones.

The right copy and content enable you to:

    • Gain trust.
    • Engage with new prospects.
    • Deepen existing relationships.
    • Position yourself as an authority.
    • Have people actually want to read what you’re writing.

Our Promise

If during our time together you decide that you’re not happy you can cancel at any time. Our business only works if it’s working for you.

Let's Start a Conversation

To better serve our existing clients, we are not taking new clients.

We are not playing hard-to-get or pretending to look busy. We don't play games with your heart. We are staffing up so, in the meantime, you can email us to say hi or just talk. We are at and

The Worth Project Consulting

A boutique marketing, copywriting, and content marketing company. We work with independent RIAs and CPA/PFSs to create expertly crafted content to build trust and differentiate. Connecting you with clients.

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