marketing plans

The blueprint to your marketing success.

Reach more clients and achieve your marketing goals with a 6-month prioritized action plan

This is a brand analysis, a marketing strategy, and an action plan all rolled into one. With this plan, we look at your existing marketing efforts and identify strategic changes based on your goals. We identify your most compelling stories, the strongest messaging, and then give you a month-by-month implementation plan.

We approach your marketing plan holistically by looking at everything — your message, website, content, social media, brochures, and anything else — and making recommendations so it all fits together into a brand your clients know and trust.

You then receive a full plan that you can either implement yourself, hand off to your marketing team, or work with us to implement with you.

Here’s how the marketing plan works

our deliverables

We will deliver for you:

  • A full marketing analysis
  • Messaging analysis
  • Ideal client profiles
  • SEO research
  • 6-month customized plan broken down by month and by priority

our process

How we work with you to meet your needs:

  • Initial 30 minute call to determine if this is the right service for you
  • We have you fill out a very short initial survey based on your concerns, goals, and past marketing efforts. We’ll also ask for access to all of your platforms and copies of your marketing materials.
  • A 75-minute video call to ask questions and dive deep into what you’ve done in the past and your business goals.
  • We analyze everything and craft your custom marketing plan.
  • We wrap up with a 90-minute presentation where we go through the details of your new marketing plan. After the meeting, you’ll receive a detailed six-month marketing action plan.
  • You’re off running, but we’ve still got your back. We’re available for one month of unlimited emails and a 45-minute progress call to be sure that you’re off to a smooth start.


Our Promise

If during our time together you decide that you’re not happy you can cancel at any time. Our business only works if it’s working for you.

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Let's Start a Conversation

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